When summer arrives, you will want to stay indoors with the air conditioning turned up high to ward off the summer heat. This will prevent you from spending time in your backyard with family and friends.

However, you can make most of the hot summer months by using unique and simple ways to cool down your backyard. That way, you will be able to enjoy the lush greenery, fresh air, flora and fauna in your garden without letting the heat get to you.

Here are some tips to cool down your backyard in hot summer months. These tips offer unbelievable results and you will surely be amazed how they can bring down the soaring mercury effortlessly.

Install High Pressure Misters

Strategically install high pressure misters around the seating area. The fine mist that comes out the mister will absorb the heat present in the air, thereby cooling the area. Just make sure that the seating area is covered so that the fine spray does not wet you or the seats. This installation can cool the surrounding by up to 20 degrees. You can also install misters along the ground to cool a pathway or walkway in the garden.

Create a Water Feature

Rather than viewing a waterfall, Koi pond, or pool as an aesthetic addition to your garden, look at it as a natural way to cool down the backyard. As the water evaporates from the pond or waterfall, it will create its own microclimate, helping to cool down the surroundings. In fact, arborists state that a water feature in a backyard has the ability to bring down the temperature up about 10 degrees. So, you should definitely add a water feature if you want to cool down your garden during the summer.

Sprinkle Water

Another wonderful way to bring down the temperature of your garden is to sprinkle water on any paved surface in the garden. This includes the deck and the lounge area around the swimming pool. This simple approach will help to reduce the temperature of the hot surface by up to 30 to 40 degrees.

Install Light-Colored Paving

While dark-colored paving can look sophisticated and elegant, it also has a tendency to absorb as well as retain heat. Hence, you should be looking to install light-colored paving that does not absorb heat. Such paving will also reflect away heat, keeping the surroundings cool.

Operate an Evaporative Cooler

You can place an evaporative cooler where you are sitting. This cooler takes in hot air and then passes it through a wet pad or filter. This cools the air which is pushed out of the vents. However, you cannot use an evaporative cooler in humid areas as for optimal results, it requires dry air. Also, it is important to maintain a two-foot clear area around the cooler so that it does not take in the cool air recirculates it.

Go in for Shady Trees

Plant large trees in your backyard. Besides providing shade, the foliage and branches of the trees will keep the place cool. Of course, it will take time for a young sapling to grow into a tree, but if you water it well, it will grow and also branch out. Just make sure that you do not plant trees too close to your home, as the roots can damage the structure or foundation.

Install an Outdoor Shower

It goes without saying that each time you take a shower, it can cool you down. So follow the same principle and install an outdoor shower where you can rinse yourself so that you feel cool and also get rid of residual sweat. This will fresh you up and ensure you don’t feel hot and grumpy when sitting outdoors during the hot summer months.

Erect a Ramada

While Native Americans used brush and branches to ensure shade, a modern-day ramada can be made from brick, stone, wood, concrete, and steel. While many people install a fireplace or barbecue area in their ramada, you may not want to do the same as your objective is to keep yourself cool. Instead, maintain a mini refrigerator in your fully covered ramada that can store soft drinks and cool beers to complete the picture. If you are not keen about a ramada, get a DIY gazebo kit. The gazebo will function just like a ramada to keep you cool.

Put Up a Shade Sail

If you are not keen on a permanent structure in your backyard, don’t worry. You can still stay cool and enjoy the great outdoors. Install a shade sail to cover areas like swimming pool, patio, and a part of your garden. This will help you stay cool while making sure you can still spend time outdoors even when the temperature is soaring.

Install Outdoor Ceiling Fans

If you have a covered patio or gazebo with a high ceiling, you can install multiple outdoor ceiling fans, depending on the size of the patio or gazebo. When there is sweltering heat, a ceiling fan can keep you comfortable. Just make sure the roof of the structure is sturdy and high enough to install a ceiling fan.

This summer, there is no need to sweat it out. Instead, use these wonderful tips to cool down your backyard in hot summers and make sure you have a fun and cool experience.