What if you were told that you do not need to spend a fortune on getting a designer look for your patio or porch? Believe it, it is true!

You can update your outdoor space with affordable decorating ideas. You will be pleasantly surprised by just how much you can do with just a little bit. You can now have that sterling patio or porch that you have always dreamed of – all you need to do is be clever and creative!

Check out these chic and cheap ideas for your outdoor space.

Paint Your Floors

By designing a pattern on the floor, you get an inexpensive way to tie your patio or porch’s look together. For instance, if your home has a design that is farmhouse-chic, you can use a diamond pattern on the wooden floor with whitewash – you will love the result! Depending on the palette and pattern, you can create a modern or rustic look.

Create a Focal Point to Disguise Eyesores

Is your patio furniture old? Do not worry; you do not need new ones! Forget about buying new furniture for your outdoor space – just give a damaged or old table a makeover by covering with a vibrant tablecloth, like one with Mexican tapestry. This is a much more affordable option. For old, unsightly chairs, get plush cushions to cover them up or give them a touch of paint in bright, bold colors.

Add Low-Maintenance Plants

By using low-maintenance and low water-use plants, you get a cost effective way to bring color, texture, and movement to your patio or porch. You can get contrasting colors and textures without using flowering plants by choosing burgundy Cordylines, evergreen vines, succulents, and variegated plants. You get the beauty of nature without having to put in too much work.

Select a Prefab Product

Why press the button for expensive customized décor for your outdoor space when you have more affordable options? For instance, you want to add coziness and privacy to your porch or patio with a screen – a prefab one is less expensive than a custom one and you get the same results. You can make it unique by adding your own personal touch to the screen. Low-maintenance and low-water plants can also be used to save on costs.

Now you have extra money to buy True Detective first season, Transformers movie, another flashlight, or some bug poison!

Roll in a Bar Cart

Have you seen high-end bar carts in magazines and want one too? Well, you definitely can get one, but on a budget that suits you. Start by getting a basic wire or metal shelving unit and spray paint it with the color of your choice. Add a bamboo and lattice trim by using a piece of vinyl diamond lattice – you will often see these on fences and outdoor decks. Lastly, use bendable PVC pipe for the trim – spray paint it in a matching or accent color. There you have it, your very own chic bar cart!

Infuse Splashes of Color

If yours is a small patio, you can update it by adding an outdoor pillow and outdoor rug in a bright color that complements your furniture. No room for a coffee table? No worries! Just add a smaller end table – great when you need a bar when sipping on cocktails with friends. This is a cute and cheap idea. You will find great inexpensive tables and other furniture pieces made from upcycled crates and other unique materials.

Mix and Match

Do you want a new farmhouse-style table but cannot afford one? Cheer up! You can achieve the same look by creating your own table by mixing salvaged pieces. First, find an old tabletop and then add spindle legs – old or new, that is up to you or your finds. To create a sleek, modern look, paint the table and all of your other outdoor furniture white. Now you have an elegant country-style table without having to spend an exorbitant price on one!

Be Versatile

A little versatility in your decorating style can give you amazing ideas for your patio or porch. For instance, place a small white tub on a brightly-painted stand and you can use it as a drink cooler, planter or even a toy holder – these are just a few ideas. You should also consider melamine plates as a budget-conscious purchase. They come in a variety of patterns and shapes and will make your patio table look vibrant and cheerful. Visit thrift shops and let your imagine run wild while picking inexpensive yet beautiful items to decorate your patio.

As you can see, there are many ways to decorate your outdoor living space without burning a hole in your purse. Just get a little creative and you will find a number of ways to create a beautiful patio or porch for your home with a small budget. Let these ideas inspire you and soon, you will have the perfect outdoor space to relax as well as entertain in.

Just do not play the music too loud, you do not want neighbor complaints! Oh, just invite them over and then you do not have worry about that.