Looking for more affordable ways to get a high-end look for your gazebo? You are in luck because there are many inexpensive yet elegant decorating ideas that can spruce up your gazebo’s look!

You will be inspired by these ideas to get creative and so little smart decorating without emptying your bank account. Get your dream outdoor space with these cheap and chic decorating ideas.

Add a String of Lights

Add sparkle to your gazebo with string lights. You will find a treasure trove of beautiful ones to choose from these days, and the best part is that they suit all types of budgets. Even with a limited budget, you can make your outdoor space look amazing – all you need is a string of lights! You can create any look you want with these versatile lights.

The only limit is your imagination and the only thing more imaginative than that is the current US tax code!

Adorn with Single Pieces

Are you looking for an understated yet striking way to bring style to your gazebo? The answer is single pieces. For example, place a single flower in a metal bowl to get an affordable and fuss-free way to adorn a center table strategically placed in the center of the gazebo. You could also go for a succulent in a small pot. It is an affordable way to style up your outdoor space on a low budget.

Build a DIY Storage Tower

You can make your own DIY storage tower and place it by the side of your gazebo. This will draw attention to it and also add to the overall beauty of your outdoor space. All you need is a couple of wooden crates. Take 3 crates to make the shelves and another to disassemble and resize to make a drawer. All you need is basic DIY skills and the right tools. Decorate the top with a vase or potted plant for a charming look. There are many ways that you can repurpose indoor furniture and use it for your outdoor space.

Use Driftwood to Decorate

Want amazing free décor for your gazebo? Use a piece of driftwood you found on the beach or lake. You will love the effect in sprucing up the look of your gazebo. It is sure to be a conversation piece the next time you have guests over. You can also stones right from your yard – place them in simple glass bowls or arrange them on a table. You will be amazed to find that there are many décor options that you can get for free, even in your own yard!

Get Glowing with Lanterns

Hang colorful lanterns on the roof of your gazebo to get a glowing effect. The best part is that you get this radiant glow without eating up any table or floor space. Go to thrift shops where you will find wire globes or lanterns. Get home and spray paint them in the color you want, and then add candles. You will love the results!

Place Colorful Rugs

If you prefer not to paint your gazebo floor, make a painted outdoor rug to give your outdoor space a fresh, new look. You can either buy an inexpensive drop cloth or use an old one that you used while repainting a room. All you need to do is paint it up in bright, bold colors, and turn it into a custom-painted rug for your cozy haven.

Add Festive Bunting

Want to make your gazebo look more fun and festive? There is a simple and affordable solution – adorn it with bunting (no, this has nothing to do with baseball)! You will make every day seem like a party with festive bunting in your outdoor space. Pennant-style bunting is a charming option and you will find them at affordable prices at party supply and home décor shops. You could also make your own personalized bunting to bring a party everyday to your gazebo!

Go Bold

Do you have a favorite pattern that you dare not use for your indoor décor? Why not take it to directly to your gazebo instead? You can use botanical prints which will add a vintage look to your outdoor space. You could also mix and match prints, like stripes with polka dots! The idea is to have fun when decorating your gazebo – you will be amazed by what you achieve!

Color the Trim

Is a black ceiling too bold a look for your gazebo? Paint your moldings instead for a safer dash of color in your outdoor living area. You can use a soft green, calming blue, or even a pretty pink to give this part of your home a pop of color without going over the top. Color the trim of your gazebo like the pillars and roof and you will have a beautiful picnic spot that will always get second looks.

Paint offers protection to your gazebo too.

There is no shortage of affordable decorating ideas to give your gazebo an updated and sophisticated look. Use these ideas to give your outdoor space the décor it deserves and get a chic area that you can show off at a low budget that will stun everyone!