Decorating your backyard structures such as your pergola, trellis, arbor, or arches can be a challenging decision to make, what with so many types of flowering vines to pick from – each with their own beauty and characteristic.

There is a lot you can do with such beautiful accents as they are what add eye-catching beauty to your garden. There are many inspiring and innovative ideas to cover up less attractive spots of your garden or decorate your garden structures with flowering vines.

Here are some of the best flowering vines that you can use to decorate your pergola or any other garden structure:

  • Zephirine Drouhin Rose: When it comes to climbers, these vines are one of the best choices with their inimitable rose blooms. With their bright burgundy color and flexible stems, Zepherine Drouhin roses are amazing for wrapping around pergolas and arches. They do not need much sunlight and can grow up to 15 feet. These roses are ideal if you have shady spots in your garden that you want to brighten up with colorful blossoms. Zepherine Drouhin roses will definitely add loads of appeal to your outdoor space.
  • Blue Moon Wisteria: This is another vibrant choice to decorate your garden structures. You can plant Blue Moon Wisteria in red, white, blue or purple, or all together at once for a bright display of amazing colors. This flowering vine, which blooms in spring, reaches up to 15 to 25 feet and can spread up to 4 to 8 feet. It needs full sunlight, so make sure that you plant it in a spot that gets lots of sunshine. Blue Moon Wisteria is a high-maintenance plant but it is one of the most beautiful flowering vines, making it a great choice to decorate your pergola or trellis.
  • Bougainvillea: If you want something that gives you bright, colorful flowers, then you should definitely consider the Bougainvillea. They grow well on fences as well as hedges and bushes and if you want grow vines on your pergola for shade, there is no better choice. Bougainvilleas are highly resistant to disease, which is one of the reasons they are so popular among home owners. This beautiful climbing vine will give your garden elegance and beauty.
  • Sweet Peas: Who does not love Sweet Peas? They smell wonderful and have the prettiest flowers blooming. You can choose from a number of colors that bloom from summer to fall, depending on the species. These annual flowering vines can grow up to a height of 8 feet and needs well-drained soil and full sun. They also need to be fertilized every 2 to 4 weeks. Keep in mind that Sweet Peas are high maintenance flowers and you must take care of them well as they are prone to pests and bugs.
  • Morning Glory: If you want a dash of vibrant blue flowers blooming over your trellis, pergola or arches, Morning Glory are a marvelous pick. Blooming early in the morning, these saucer-shaped flowers with heart-shaped leaves that grow 4 to 5 feet long. Apart from blue, you will also find Morning Glory in yellow, red, and purple color. This flowering vine needs a lot of direct sunlight but can grow well without much maintenance in dry soil. Pick a color and plant Morning Glory to let it decorate your garden structure.
  • Clematis: If you are considering Clematis for your arbor or trellis, you will need to pick one of the taller varieties. This flowering vine begins to bloom in early spring and in just one season, you can have your entire structure covered in Clematis. These vines are easy to grow and maintain. Clematis is a fine choice if you want to brighten up your garden and need a flowering vine to grow on one of your garden structures.
  • Campsis Radicans or Trumpet Vine: Obviously this flowering vine has been given its name for its trumpet-shaped flowers. Campsis Radican is another beautiful option if you are looking for a climber to decorate your outdoor structures. The flowers turn from orange to red color with yellow throats. Vibrant and truly beautiful, Trumpet Vines will definitely make your outdoor space look appealing. If you want a splash of red on your pergola or trellis, choose Campsis Radicans – you will love the effect.

Pergolas, arches, trellises, and other garden structures add a focal point in your garden, but you can make it look even more eye-catching by allowing bright and beautiful flowering vines to grow on them. You will find a variety of such plants to suit your home as well as personal taste.

Not only will these vines offer you some fabulous air to breath and some amazing scents, they will increase the value of your home. They will impress guests as well and your pets will love these natural decorations since who does not love to smell fresh air that has some alluring scents attached to it? Make sure you cut these back since you do not want them to get too thick or out of control but that is not hard to do. You can do while listening to a movie or a sports game on your outdoor flat screen.

If you want your outdoor space to look even more attractive than it already is, consider growing one of these climbers and you will have a spectacular display of amazing flowers in bright hues that decorate your pergola, arch, landscape, and so on.