Whether it is a pergola, porch, patio or deck, having an outdoor room is a poignant way to enjoy the beautiful weather no matter what time of the year it is.

Adding a cover to your pergola, patio or deck is an effective way to make it even more comfortable, and you do not have to settle for plain covers anymore. There is a vast array of fabulous covers for all types of outdoor spaces. Here is a look at some of the most beautiful ideas to cover your outdoor room.

Modern Patio

Create a contemporary patio outside by adding outdoor art in bright colors, like lime green or turquoise, to stand out against the light wood floor of your patio. Use furniture in neutral colors. Instead of a traditional roof or pergola, install an oversized umbrella in a vibrant color that pops, like an orange or a sunny yellow. This will give you the shade you need while relaxing or entertaining on your patio.

Old-world Style Patio

If you prefer an old-world style to your patio rather than a modern look, all you need is a retractable awning. A yellow and white striped one is a perfect choice – it looks classy and sophisticated. It will transform your sunny patio into an intimate courtyard that is perfect for al fresco dining. Keep the furniture light and add a bright tablecloth for some added brightness in this part of your home.

Simple Canvas Awning

You can leave out a simple canvas awning outdoors throughout the year as long as weather conditions allow it. While it is simple, outdoor fabric provides a sense of softness and luxury to any outdoor living space. With a simple yet sophisticated awning combined with minimalistic furniture and décor as well as plenty of plants, you can create a warm and invite room-like atmosphere in your outdoor area.

Stylish Cabana

Turn your deck into a stylish, modern cabana with just a few touches. To achieve this, all you need is a striped awning in a neutral color. Add stark and modern woven outdoor furniture with clean lines. Pick a classic black-and-white color scheme for the furniture and add pops of color against the neutral colors with yellow or bright blue or green cushions. This cover gives you a luxurious space instead of a plain old deck.

Modern Shade Umbrella

Nowadays, you will find outdoor umbrellas in an assortment of designs and styles – some even look more like parasails. Pick an oversized umbrella for your patio or deck to give you shade during the hot summer months. Pair it with woven furniture to give your backyard living space a cool, modern look. Stay stylishly protected in your outdoor room with a stylish oversized outdoor umbrella this summer!

Tropical Shade

Are you looking for a natural way to bring shade to your outdoor living space? Why not opt for the hardy banana tree? The Musa basjoo is an excellent choice for bringing shade to the west or south side of your patio. It can grow 2 feet in a week when the weather is warm, eventually topping out between 12 and 18 feet. This will give your outdoor area a stylish, tropical look and feel.

Sail-Shaped Awning

Another fantastic choice for giving your outdoor area some much-needed shade is a sail-shaped awning. Give your patio or deck a simple yet stylish covering with this type of awning. Pick a neutral color to go with white cushions – you will love the result. Apart from protecting you from the sun, it gives you essential privacy from the watchful eye of passersby and neighbors.

Elegant Patio

A retractable awning in dark green is a great way to provide shade to a large patio. The color gives the space an elegant look. Complement the green with grey furniture covered in white cushions. The result is a sophisticated look that makes your outdoor living space look cool and inviting at the same time. Sometimes the best way to get shade in your outdoor room is to go for a simple yet elegant style.

Colorful Canopy

Do you have a stone patio that you think looks rather plain and bare? You have the perfect place in your outdoor area to add a pop of color! Elevate this part of your outdoors with color by hanging a striped canopy in bright, bold colors.

Add a few Luxembourg chairs in colors like pink, green, blue or yellow to make a statement. You can make it a DIY canopy hung up on poles so you can remove it anytime it looks like it is going to rain.

Bringing shade to your outdoor room is not at all difficult. There are countless ideas that you can use to beautify your deck, patio or pergola – all you need is a little creativity and inspiration. No matter what your budget or how big or small your outdoor room is, you can be sure that there is a beautiful idea to bring shade, as well as privacy, to your outdoor living space.