Decorating your home’s outdoors is as important as making your indoors look beautiful. It is simply a must to decorate and enhance your exteriors, namely the windows, entrance doors and deck or patio area. There are many decorative items that you can use in these areas – awnings are such an item. Also known as an overhang, an awning is a fabulous way to enhance your exteriors and give it a dramatic effect.

Awnings are usually placed above doors and windows, but you can also install them with columns to decorate your patio or deck.

They are available in several different types – propulsive awning which you can open or close manually, retractable awning which are quite popular for patios and decks and aluminum awning which are durable and give you protection from the sun and rain for many years. With so many different types to choose from, you can have the perfect one for your home with amazing awning ideas.

Bistro Style Awning

Awnings with bold stripes are a classic and they look good in almost every home, regardless of the style. Found commonly in bistros, you can use these awnings on your deck or patio or your outdoor dining area if you have one. You can choose from a myriad of color combinations to suit your home perfectly and give it the shaded area it needs.

Window and Door Awnings

If you have insufficient roof overhang, you can install awnings on south-facing windows and doors to keep the sun’s damaging rays away from your interior and also add a decorative item to your exterior. This simple touch will add loads of elegance to your outdoor area and enhance your home’s curb appeal, which will then increase its value. This is a stellar investment for your home as it comes with lots of benefits.

Outdoor Oasis

Have you ever considered a glass awning with a unique design for your front door? This small touch can totally transform your entrance and entire front exterior. It is also an elegant decorative addition that protects your entrance from the sun and rain while adding loads of curb appeal. Get a glass awning with a beautiful design to make your entrance and home look inviting and beautiful.

Wood Awning

Do you prefer a rustic look for your home? No problem! You should consider a window awning in wood to give your home’s exterior rustic charm. Apart from adding appeal to your home, it also goes a long way in adding a lot of charm to your garden. For a window awning that does not look like any other, you should definitely opt for wooden ones.

Contemporary Timber Awning

Do you have a home with a contemporary design? Go for timber awning to enhance it even more. A simple design for the timber awnings will do as it will give your home an understated yet modern and chic look. You can add fixtures to light the area, whether it is your patio or deck, and give it a warm welcoming glow.

Frosted Glass Awning

Another modern awning idea is to use frosted glass combined with custom steel fabrication support. It is simple and fuss-free, perfect for the contemporary home that has a minimalistic design. Frosted glass is a fabulous choice as it keeps the sun’s rays away without making the space look dark. You should definitely consider a frosted glass awning for your home if you are looking for a way to decorate it without going through a major or expensive makeover.

Woven Awning

If you have a cottage, farm or country home, you can still have a beautiful awning to enhance your exterior. A curved woven awning forming a barrel-like shape is a perfect fit as décor for these types of homes. This is quite a unique design that you can be sure not many people have. You should consider it if you want to give your farm house a new look without spending a lot of money.

Café Awning

Instead of giving your windows the usual treatment, give them a more dramatic look with an awning. Choose colors that match your home’s exterior so that you have a theme going on to add more visual appeal. The café awning look suits any type of home so is a great choice if you are looking for an awning idea for your home.

As you can see, there are many amazing awning ideas that you can use to decorate your home’s exterior. You can find the perfect awning depending on your taste, style, and budget.

The best part is that awnings are not difficult to install and do not take too much time either. If you are looking for a way to add décor to your exterior, you should definitely consider awnings. They will add style and beauty and give you protection from the sun and rain as well.