Do you want to make more use of your outdoor space? Would you like to build a structure for entertaining as well as relaxing? A pergola is the answer. You can enjoy your outdoor space more when you have a structure that works all year long.

Adding a pergola to your landscape gives you shelter as well as a beautiful outdoor living area that you can use to entertain family and friends as well as a private oasis where you can relax, especially on those particularly stressful days.

Here is a look at a few pergola ideas for your landscape:

Vary Roof Heights

Giving your pergola a subtle shift in height can lend visual variety to the structure. Varying roof heights can define outdoor spaces. For instance, a lower section can provide a transition to more open space in your outdoor.

If you want climbing vines rambling on your pergola, make sure that you have smaller structural elements or openings to give the plants enough room to thrive. You can also integrate other hardscape elements to your pergola. For instance, you can make use of the structure’s two corners to give you a kitchen area. Yes, you can put in a sink and run plumbing out to your pergola.

Add Asymmetry

You can build a pergola with personality by giving your pergola asymmetry. Make use of a wall in the back of your house to create a wall for your structure. To make this space look whimsical, hang an oversized overhead structure with flowers and lights. This will give your pergola illumination as well as pretty blooms for everyone to admire. You can also soften the geometric edges under the structure with flower beds and potted plants.

Add Glass Blocks

Although most pergolas are made from wood, you can add visual variety by using glass blocks to give you a fabulous design addition. Add a random pattern of glass block to make your pergola look unique.

You can also elevate the structure by using small paving stones, which will also create a patio. You can use beams and support pieces to create a trellis for a little bit of shade when you have bright, sunny days. Glass blocks are a simple way to make your pergola stand out from other wooden structures. Now you are talking style!

Add a Bed

While the majority of pergolas are freestanding and not attached to other structures, you can make yours straddle a fence to give it a back wall. In most pergolas, a table and chairs are used, but you can take relaxation to the next level in your outdoor living space by adding a bed. Let wisteria grow above, so that it can flourish and give you shade and privacy. You can also soften the deck space under the structure with potted plants like hydrangeas. This will make your pergola a wonderful place to escape and relax.

Add Columns

You can use elegant elements to bring classic style to your pergola. Adding stately columns can make the simple design of this structure can give your landscape an upscale look. Also use variety in the paving material so that the space does not have a boring, uninterrupted look. For instance, use one size and pattern under your structure and another for the path leading to the pergola. Let a plant like wisteria train up a column to give you shade on sunny days.

Decorate the Roof

Pergolas can look bare if you do not make an effort to decorate them. Decorating the roof gives you a great way to make it look beautiful and get shade and privacy. Climbing roses are a beautiful way to adorn your pergola.

Place posts and beams into concrete footer to make sure that the structure’s base does not rot. Climbing roses and other lush growers need a sturdy support system so it is critical to ensure that your pergola’s construction can withstand the weight of the plant you choose to grow.

Add an Undulating Roof

A roof with a gentle curve can make a huge difference in how your pergola looks – most have a horizontal cover, so an undulating roof will make your structure look unique. You can also train vines up the columns and also add tall, narrow evergreens so that greenery integrates with the vertical elements of the pergola. If you want a quiet, secluded space, you can separate the structure from the rest of your yard by adding a border of plants and flowers on three sides.

Adding a pergola to your landscape not only gives you an outdoor living area, but also a focal point that makes your outdoor space look even more striking. The best part is that you do not have to settle for a pergola that looks like everyone else’s just like you do not have to watch Jurassic World since it was awful.

With a few simple touches, you can have a beautiful pergola that is unique and the perfect place for having get-togethers or to retreat after a long hard day.