The OLT Cedar Pergola Collection with Retractable Canopy

Hi Corina, Our retractable canopies can provide shade for your deck, patio, or around your pool and provide the atmosphere you need for entertaining in all kinds of weather.

  • Rainy days don’t need to keep you indoors
  • Provides needed shade for hot sunny days
  • Easy installation
  • Finally, your perfect backyard getaway and protection from the sun and rain. We call that a win win!
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  • Get even more from your backyard living space by adding a retractable canopy to your 8×10 Western Red Cedar pergola! Long lasting and immediate shelter to protect you from sun and rain. Simply open and close the canopy when you desire!
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  • If you’ve ever considered adding a pergola to your existing space, our 10×10 Breeze pergola kit would be a great option for you. Easy to assemble and no dangerous and time consuming cutting required to name just a few advantages. Adding a retractable canopy to your pergola instantly increases the value of your investment quickly and easily! Umbrellas provide shade but only for small areas and are not structurally very sound. Because the retractable canopy is attached to a solid structure of a pergola, it can withstand wind speeds of 80 mph or more when fully extended. Difficult weather such as a passing rain shower or extreme sun is never going to ruin your outdoor entertaining plans again! Our Patented Retractable Canopy System is both simple and easy to install
    • Install tracks
    • Load fabrics
    • Fasten canopy stops and anchor knobs
    Simple to Operate
    • Extend the canopy fabrics out using pull handle
    • Lock canopy easily to opposite end to fully extend
    • Retract canopy using pull handle and lock
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  • Enhance your outdoor living space even further by adding a retractable canopy on to your 10×12 arched Western Red Cedar pergola! Instant protection from sun and rain or gaze up at the open sky. Simple and easy!
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  • For a perfectly symmetrical look, try our 12×12 Breeze Western Red Cedar pergola with retractable canopy. Easy on the eyes, simple to operate!
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  • Lots of shade when you need it, a whole lot of style all the time. Avoid the mid-day sun or afternoon rain showers. Grab a cool drink and settle in for a relaxing afternoon under our Western Red Cedar Breeze pergola with retractable canopy. Functional, versatile and practical – who could ask for more?
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  • The 12×20 Breeze pergola with retractable canopy is the largest standard kit we manufacture. Don’t worry about having to scrap you outdoor entertaining plans because of a possible threat of bad weather. The structure and beauty of the pergola will provide the perfect setting while the retractable canopy will provide protection from both the sun and rain when you need it.
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  • Save money and order one of our pre-exisiting sizes which we already have in stock and ship immediately. Download anyone of our footprints in the tab below, and remember, the retractable canopy tracks must attach to the inside posts of your pergola for the system to work correctly. You will save approximately $2.00/sq ft. On at 12×12 size, that would be $288. $315.00 will be added for shipping.
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